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Divorce Appraisal

In the midst of balancing everything involved in a divorce, choosing a licensed home appraisal company will help you quickly and effectively determine your real estate value. While you could consider real estate websites or realtors, these resources offer less reliability through possible bias in encouraging property sales. Appraisal companies, however, establish unbiased real estate values that are trustworthy enough to support judicial hearings.

Home Appraisal And Residential Investment

Accurate SF Bay Home Appraisals to Guide Your Investments. Countless factors influence the property value of a home. When ownership changes, it is critical to establish an accurate home value so that you can wisely invest in the property. Whether a home has small renovations completed or a run-down property was completely reshaped into a new house, a home appraisal will help you purchase a home for a reasonable price.

Bankruptcy Appraisals

Refinancing through filing for bankruptcy can be an extremely challenging process. To provide comprehensive financial records, gathering accurate and thorough documents of bills, earnings and transactions are essential. However, one of the largest assets in need of a precise assessment is your home.
The most effective way to receive a certified home bankruptcy appraisal is to seek a licensed appraiser.

Bail Bonds Appraisals

SF Bay Appraisal helps homeowners in the process of posting bail. Responding quickly to bring a loved one home is critical while seeking to post bail. With the help of professional appraisers, this process can be accomplished faster.
To determine collateral for a bail bond an appraisal is often needed to secure enough legitimacy. Relying on an experienced appraisal company is one of the surest ways to quickly obtain a bail bond.

Estate & Date Of Death

Understanding estate settlement can be a complicated process that many people are not prepared for. To navigate through the process, finding an appraiser who understands local legislation and federal regulations is critical for achieving the smoothest settlement possible.

Financial Planning And Trusts

Financial and Estate Planners are engaged to provide sound, well-informed advice. Our firm has worked closely with a long list of Bay Area Financial & Estate Planners over the years to assure they have the information needed to develop the best and most effective strategies for their clients

Refinance Or Get A Home Equity Loan

If you need to consolidate bills, have a college tuition to pay, or just want to tap into the equity of your home, you’ll need a new loan, which of ten times requires a new appraisal of the property.

PMI Removal Appraisals

If you purchased a home with a mortgage loan above 80 Percent LTV (Loan To Value) chances are you have PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). It can be an expensive requirement when getting a home loan. Avoiding PMI or having it removed can help to cut costs on your homeownership costs. In today’s real estate market we have been experiencing a rise in value. A home appraisal will be required to determine your current home value and we are here to help! SF Bay Appraisal Services has completed 1000’s of appraisals in the Bay Area and we specialize in private party appraisals such as PMI Removal.

Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales

Pre-foreclosure and short sales are two important processes in real estate. Before opting for any of these processes, it is essential to appraise the property properly. This is important for both the lender and the owner of the property. SF Bay real estate appraisals is a leading provider of real estate appraisals for both pre-foreclosures and short sales throughout Bay areas. We serve the needs of homeowners, banks, mortgage lenders, HUD, FHA, law firms, loan service companies and other financial institutions that make personal and commercial loans.

Tax Assessment Appeals

Avoid risk during commercial real estate and personal property assessment appeals. Learn how Real Property Tax Advisors helps manage the entire appeal process.

Home Measurement Services

Need Your Home Measured? Let SF Bay Appraisal Services Help.
Our certified appraisers will give you an accurate measurement or floorplan of your home to determine a fair value when buying or selling a home, cut property taxes due to incorrect estimates, or market to possible buyers when selling real estate.

Rush Appraisals Available

Our Rush appraisal service is available with our RUSH and SUPER-RUSH services for most of our appraisals. Please understand that not all properties are eligible for this service and our existing commitments may limit our ability to provide the rush appraisal service for you.


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