Weekend DIY: Paint Your Front Door

Weekend DIY: Paint Your Front Door

Paint Door for Curb AppealCurb appeal is very important to the sales price of your home.  Even if you are not putting your house on the market, a great curb-side presentation is good for your neighborhood, and for you.  It is a great feeling to pull up to your house and be welcomed home every time.

An easy way to plus up the curb appeal of your real estate is to paint your front door.  It is an easy project that takes less than a day, and costs only a can of paint.

Consider a pop of color that complements your exterior, yet makes your home distinct.  A few of your neighbors already have red doors.  Those still look great, but who needs ANOTHER red door? Aubergine is a favorite door color of mine (think eggplant purple). Orange says I’M HERE, and yellow retains class with a touch of whimsy.  A color that suits your style, adds contrast to your frontage, and doesn’t look toooooo tacky are the best guidelines.  Do consider your Home Owner’s Association or town rules before painting.  Some places demand conformity.

My family recently painted out front door blue.  And while it was off the hinges, we painted in interior with a slate chalk paint so we can write notes and messages to one another on the way out.


  • Take your door off the hinges, and remove any knobs and hardware.  Tape the edges and any hardware you could not remove.
  • Use an outdoor paint that will stand up to the sun and elements.  We used Rust-o-leum spray paint for our door, which is metal base with a plastic window frame.
  • Apply at least two coats, with a few hours in between.
  • See if a new knob or knocker in a different material will enhance your new look.
  • Our entire project took a few hours. Started before lunch and was done before dinner.

Now we can tell guests to “look for the house with the blue door!”

Tackling a few Do It Yourself projects a month can greatly improve the appraisal value of your home.  A little bit here and a little bit there can add thousands to your home’s price.  And if you are selling your home, a bit of uniqueness, especially in a hot market like here in the San Francisco Bay Area, can help draw buyers, help stick in their memory, and maybe move your house more quickly.  Besides, they can paint the door any color THEY like once they move in!

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