Top 5 Pumpkins to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Top 5 Pumpkins to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Real estate curb appealThe wrong pumpkin on your porch can be a disaster for your property value.  The right or wrong pumpkin can influence how others see your home, and your neighborhood.

But what are the best pumpkins to display to maximize the value of your home?  You might have triple-paned windows, perfect paint palette, landscaped yard, in-ground lighting, and everything else to bump up your curb appeal. BUT, you are missing the perfect pumpkin to push your property value up just one more notch.

We’ve taken our years of experience in real estate valuation in the Bay Area and analyzed the best pumpkins for your porch.  Don’t get stung by the wrong squash.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to pick the perfect pumpkin for your porch and property value.

Howden or Field pumpkinHowden/Field Pumpkin – This is a medium to large pumpkin that is great for Jack O’lanterns. The Howden has come to define “the look” in big Halloween pumpkins — deep orange color, defined ribs, and good handles. You can’t go wrong with one of these field pumpkins on your porch.

gourdsGourds – Don’t get me started. Gourds are not pumpkins.  They may not even be vegetables. Gourds should be used for interior decor only, and only around Thanksgiving at that. Don’t jeopardize your curb appeal by putting these warty little indoor squash in your yard.

Cinderella PumpkinCinderella Pumpkin – Large, vivid red, magical! Your fairy Godmother will be pleased. The Pilgrims served this variety, an heirloom from France called “Rouge vif d’Etampes”, at their second Thanksgiving. Magic and Mayflower are good tidings for how this pumpkin will transform your porch.

WhiteWhite Pumpkins – You get a maximum of exactly 1 (one) white pumpkin on your porch. Any more and your neighbors will report you to the HOA.

KnuckleheadKnuckle Head Pumpkin – Warts?!? Go ahead, put it on your trailer step.

sugarpieSugar Pie Pumpkin – If you need a smaller pumpkin to fill in between larger ones, or solo on a small porch, the Sugar Pie is the pumpkin for you. Small, dark orange, with shallow ribbing, it is a smaller version of the classic.  Not as easy to carve, but they do make great pie filling.

paintedPainted Orange Smoothie – I just can’t.

Teal PumpkinTeal Pumpkin – This is a project launched by the Food Allergy Research & Education organization to help kids with food allergies feel safer at Halloween.  A teal pumpkin on your porch indicates your house is giving out non-food treats. Toys, cash, pencils, stickers, etc.  Parents of kids with nut and other food allergies will really appreciate seeing this on your porch.

Fairytale PumpkinFairytale Pumpkin – Classy as heck, those French.  The original name of this Old World beauty is “Musque De Provence”. That alone can round up your resale to the nearest thousand! It has a rich mahagany tone, big deep ribs, and a storybook visage.  Too beautiful to carve, but too smooth and creamy no to eat. We’re not saying Architectural Digest will call because the Fairytale is on your porch…but it can’t hurt.

Real talk, there is no correlation between the type of pumpkin on your porch and the value of your home. Hope you had fun reading this.  If you want to know what really does influence your home value, or to discuss an independent real estate appraisal, give SF Bay Appraisal a call.  Happy Halloween!


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