Sell It Faster: Branding Your Home

Sell It Faster: Branding Your Home

You don’t have to live on South Fork Ranch, or Graceland, to brand your home to make it more memorable.  If your home is on the market, you should brand it to make it more memorable to buyers.  Branding is the art of identifying and differentiating a product or service from the competition.  When shopping for a home, real estate buyers see dozens of homes that they selected to suit their needs.  This results in most of the homes looking and feeling similar to one another.  Making your home stand out, in a GOOD way, is an easy step towards a quicker sale at a higher value. A few cleverly themed features or bits of staged decor will set your home apart from the rest.

We all have our own personal style and quirks that help others remember us.  Maybe it is a style of dress, or winning dimples, of a select perfume scent that stands out.  Sometimes people remember us because we were kind, or because we were memorably rude.  Physical appearances are a crutch, like Tall Paul, and Freckle Becky.  First impressions are important too: we can be forever known as the “shorts to the wedding guy”, or the “high heels at Disneyland Lady”.  But we’d rather be known for great hair, warm smile, or our snazzy style.

Brand you home

What does your house say to visitors for an open house tour? Or even from the curb as shoppers drive by? 

Whether you like it or not, home shoppers and real estate agents are going to brand your home for you.  Your agent might list you as a “charming fixer-upper”.  A family might label your house as the “purple toilet house”, if that is the most memorable feature.

Heck, we are guilty of applying our own nicknames to projects here in the office.  Our white board lists projects like “Morello Condo Probate”, and “Water-damaged In-law unit”, to help us remember the details as well as the address.

So rather than being recalled as “orange shag carpets” or “squeaky floor house”, take charge and brand your home yourself.  What is the best or more distinct feature of your property?  Is it a rose garden, a great view, a finished basement?  I once saw a home staged to call attention to the backyard pool.  There was a subtle sun and beach theme in the entry and living room that lead to the back deck.

Your personal tastes are not relevant to the branding of your home. In fact, it is time for a rebrand to tastes and accentuating features that will stand out in a good way.  Just because you love owls, your wall of macramé yarn owls is not the selling feature people look for.  Put away your porcelain clown collection and clean the slate for a fresh staging that will be memorable in a way that makes you money.

Here are some ideas to help you imagine ways to brand your own home:

  • A craftsman home can have a few key furniture (Mission? Arts and Crafts?) pieces that suit the style and echo the classic architecture.
  • A new kitchen should not have a beat up old coffee pot on the counter.  Put out a nice knife block or place settings to echo the new kitchen.
  • Color is another mnemonic that will help people remember your home.  A bowl of green limes, green placemats, and a green picture frame can accent a room.  Especially if you put a drop or two of lime essential oil to reinforce the theme.
  • If you have a pool, place some sunny summer decor leading out the back door.
  • Location, location, location! The Where is just as important as the style for branding, according to sales executive Matt Hart of Betterworks. Examples like Cozy Cul de Sac; Downtown Adjacent; Urban Suburban.
  • Whatever feature or theme sets your home apart, accentuate it to brand an image of the visit on the home shoppers.  They will recall your home first, and more fondly, when reviewing the listings they visited.

We all know homes of people who could have names like: Traffic noise. Cozy shack. Super 70s. Cat pee. Taxidermy collection. Dead lawn. Busy street.  Take the lead and stamp your open house with a few quick and affordable decor additions that will position your home in the best light. The take away is that you must brand your home or someone will brand it for you!

Sales executive Matt Hart of Betterworks

I am here to help. In addition to being a licensed real estate appraiser, I wear many other hats.  I am also a remodeler/flipper, carpenter, and a real estate investor. If you would like an expert consultation on your property and ways to optimize the value prior to listing, give SF Bay Appraisal a call.  A formal appraisal can be impersonal and data driven.  My custom valuation consultation is a discussion and interactive review of the property and best practices to help you sell quickly for the best price. Call Mario at SF Bay Appraisal for more information: (925) 228-7108

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