Mount Diablo is Tall for its Size

Mount Diablo is Tall for its Size

Mt Diablo Size ChartWe live in the shadow of Mt. Diablo.  For hundreds of years, it has been an icon, a monument, a literal beacon, for most of northern California.

A view OF the mountain, or a view FROM the mountain is certainly desirable for any homeowner on our side of the Caldecott Tunnel.

But how tall is it? And how does that compare to other tall things around the State and World?

Mount Diablo is 3,848 feet high.  That is the main summit.  The mountain is part of a small range, and appears as a double pyramid. The other iconic part of the silhouette, the North Peak, is jsut a bit shorter than the summit at 3,557 feet elevation.

The mountain can bee seen for miles around.  The term for the visibility of a peak is the “viewshed”, and Diablo’s is quite expansive. On a clear day, one can see from the summit all eight Bay Area bridges, Mt Lassen to the north, the Sierra to the east, and Yosemite’s Sentinel Dome to the south.  It was used for navigation for travellers coming to the Bay Area.  The summit tower light house was an aviation beacon until the Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, when the light went dark for safety reasons.  The rotating spotlight beacon remains dark to this day, only to be re-lit once a year on December 7th in remembrance of Pearl Harbor.

But how does our Big Mountain stack up against other tall things in the State and around the world?  It turns out that other mountains are really big.  Lassen, Shasta, and other peaks are 3-5 times taller than Diablo.  And world class peaks are many many times taller.  Man-made structures are a better comparison.  Here is a look at the heights of familiar tall structures, and good old Mt. D.

Sizing up heights:

  • Mt Diablo is 3,848 feet
  • Contra Costa Administration Building in Martinez is just over 150 ft
  • The tallest building in Contra Costa is One Concord Center it is 183 feet tall.
  • Transamerica Pyramid in SF is 853 feet
  • New York City’s Empire State Building is really tall, at 1,454 ft
  • Eiffel Tower in Paris is 984 feet
  • The tallest building on earth is the Burj Dubai, towering at 2,684 feet
  • Disneyland Matterhorn 147’ (Is is 1:100 scale. The real Matterhorn is 14,692)
  • Mt Shasta would dwarf our big little mountain, stacking up to 14, 180ft

Mario Mazzamuto is an author, real estate investor, and Certified High Performance Coach who lives in the Bay Area of California with his wife Jessica and two kids. He owns San Francisco Bay Appraisal, which does property valuations and sales-prep consultations around the East Bay. Follow SF Bay Appraisal on Facebook here

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