Appraising the Newest House in Martinez

Appraising the Newest House in Martinez

Though it is not on the market, here is a peek at the newest house in town. It magically appeared overnight last week on the 600 Block of Main St. in the Main Street Plaza. This is an up-and-coming neighborhood in quaint, historic Martinez. The downtown features a blend of retail, residential, and office space. There is a Starbucks just steps away!santa house martinez

  • The house seems only 400 square feet from the outside, but is vastly larger once inside.
  • It is a charmer with barn red exterior with white trim.
  • Very well insulated.
  • Wheel chair accessible.
  • Top rated Martinez Unified School District for the little elves.
  • One level, fantastic stories.
  • Smells of peppermint.
  • Fireplace with chimney, naturally.
  • Nearby ice rink.
  • Sleigh parking.
  • Includes interior workshop.


The house is currently occupied by a jolly man in a red suit. He is very kind and invites visitors inside to share their Christmas wishes with him. Nicole DiGiorgio is the head elf and photographer who offers photo services for kids, families, and pets visiting the house.

Hope your family is safe and warm this Holiday season, and that your house does not disappear back to the North Pole in January.  Please keep SF Bay Appraisal in mind if you need your property appraised for any reason.

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